"But I like THIS table"

Summer 2019. We had no idea what was coming. I was focused on supporting my massage clients. My table was starting to peel, as tables do. It was just a bit around the handles at first, but over time, all those hours of use created wear on the edges. I couldn't pretend my clients didn't notice, especially when I would try to pluck the vinyl bits off their floor after sessions.

It was embarrassing, and I didn't feel good unfolding my table to do the work that I love so much.

But I also liked my table.

It was sturdy, and light, and had a lot left to give. But it didn't look as professional as I felt. Plus, you know as well as I do that a quality table can be a pricey investment. I scoured the internet for something that could cover my table, something that I could leave on when going into and out of a client's. Something that would cover the peeling vinyl, keep any shedding bits with me instead of on their floor. Something that I would be happy for my client to see when I was setting up to improve their day.

There was nothing.

An offhand comment to a colleague changed all that. I said I wished there was a cover that could stay on when you folded the table, and they replied, "So make one."

So I did.

The pandemic of 2020 hit. I suddenly found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I started by making covers for my table. Then a fellow massage therapist asked if I had any covers because her table was peeling. I worked out the details of creating the covers to fit the most common table sizes, filed a patent, and here we are!

I believe that massage makes the world better, one session at a time. I want to support my fellow massage therapists by saving them money, and keep tables out of landfills for as long as we can. Griffin Table Covers are created to protect and decorate your tables in hopes that this endeavor will bring just a little more massage into the world. More massage = better world.

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